Convene leading thinkers to disseminate research, share practices, and foster dialogue about how yoga can help people heal from addiction and eating disorders.

Today someone in the U.S. will die of an overdose every 19 minutes, and in the U.K. wait times for eating disorder treatment can exceed one year.

We can do more.

For the first time ever, four leading charities in the yoga and recovery space have come together to bring you a conference on how yoga can transform the treatment of addiction and eating disorders.

This event will equip you with the most up-to-date research, best practices, and innovative interventions on yoga for both prevention and recovery. Come away with actionable insights and valuable resources to help the people and communities you care about heal.

This interdisciplinary three-day event will empower you to make a difference in your community and connect you with a global network committed to transforming the lives of those affected by addiction and eating disorders.


    1. Opening Remarks by Leigh Leibel

    2. The Human Cost: Healing People, Families, and Communities by Nikki Myers and Chelsea Roff

    3. Mindfulness Practice by Jim Naremore

    4. Mindful Moment by Robin Blackwell

    5. Confronting Addiction With Compassion and Tipping The Pain Scale by Greg Williams

    6. Yoga For Eating Disorders: The Science Behind Embodied Movement by Tracy Tylka, PhD and Catherine Cook-Cottone, PhD

    7. Day 1 Closing Remarks by Nikki Myers and Chelsea Roff

    1. Day 2 Opening Remarks by Nikki Myers and Chelsea Roff

    2. The Neuroscience Of Sustainable Recovery by Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor

    3. Mindful Moment by Melanie Taylor

    4. Eating Disorders Across The Gender Spectrum: Supporting Boys and Men by Jason Nagata, MD

    5. Dancing Into The Body: Supporting Clients With Dissociation by Dr. Jamie Marich and Alicia Hann

    6. Eating Disorders: How and Why Yoga Supports Prevention and Treatment by Dianne Neumark Sztainer, PhD

    7. Q&A With Community by Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor and Nikki Myers

    8. Men’s Experiences Panel: Healing From Addiction And Eating Disorders by George Mycock, James Downs, and J-P Rowley

    9. Yogic Philosophies That Support The Recovery Path And Mindful Practice by Eddie Stern

    10. Day 2 Closing Remarks by Nikki Myers and Chelsea Roff

    1. Day 3 Opening Remarks by Chelsea Roff

    2. Yoga In Whole Person Health: Research Across Multiple Interconnected Domains by Dr. Helene Langevin

    3. Yoga As A Path To Generational Healing: Exploring The Success Of Experiential Approaches In Communities Of Color by Mark Sanders, LCSW, CADC

    4. Ancient Healing For A Modern Illness: How Yoga Has Transformed Eating Disorder Recovery by Carolyn Costin, PhD

    5. Ancient Wisdom, Modern Knowledge: Integrating Yoga And Ayurveda With Modern Recovery Tools For Addiction by Durga Leela

    6. The Body as Portal for Healing Trauma: Somatic Healing by Inge Sengelmann

    7. From Surviving To Thriving: The Role Of Yoga, Meditation, And Breathwork In Addiction Recovery by Tommy Rosen

    8. Yoga Therapy As A Component Of Integrative Care For Addiction In Veterans by Dr. Jayashree Pathak

    9. The science and application of Eat Breathe Thrive: A novel, yoga-based program for positive embodiment by Esther Estey, PhD

    10. Panel Discussion: Creating Access Through Health Policy by James Marzolf, John Kelly, Susan Broderick and Sarah Murphy

    11. Final Remarks by Nikki Myers and Chelsea Roff

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About this course

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Continuing Education Units (CEU) is a mandatory requirement for most professional associations and registration bodies for yoga and healthcare professionals. As an attendee, you’ll receive a Certificate of Attendance for attending the symposium, allowing you to accrue up to 12 CEU hours. You can use this certificate toward your annual CEUs.

* We cannot guarantee that all professional bodies will accept the certificate for CEU hours. Please check with your professional association or registration body to confirm.

Testimonials from Attendees

“This symposium was a magnificent achievement. It is the beginning of a marriage between several needed services in this world. Yoga has been a leading discipline for helping people to overcome their problems in life for a long time. It's great that it has become a practice for helping people who are in need of recovery from mental health and healthcare services. I look forward to the growth of this marriage between mental health, physical health, and yoga in the days ahead.”

“What an extraordinary symposium. The caliber of the presenters was superb and the content excellent. I commend everyone involved in putting it together--love and respect and empathy were present throughout. I am not someone with a history of either substance abuse or disordered eating, but I know what it is to be obsessed in an unhealthy way and to suffer as a result. Thanks to all who are doing their best to bridge the gap without losing the heart of the teachings.”

“This was an excellent and well-balanced conference in structure and design. Presentations supported the belief that yoga is a valid and valuable adjunct to other treatment modalities for chemical dependence and eating disorders, especially as a support for long-term recovery. Recognizing the need for more quality research is just one concrete example of the quality of this conference.”