Course Description

How Can I Serve? is a course created by the Give Back Yoga Foundation in partnership with the Here to Be program at lululemon.

We've created this course to share what yoga service is, and to provide you with the knowledge and resources to be able to get into action and contribute to the yoga service movement in your own unique way.

Please note that this course is not eligible for the Give Back Yoga Diploma. For a full list of eligible courses, please click here

Course curriculum

    1. outline

    1. introduction

    2. Hearing from yoga service leaders

    3. what does it mean to serve?

    4. a working definition of yoga service

    5. sharing yoga vs. teaching yoga

    6. the science behind the practice

    7. exploring 'why yoga service?' for yourself

    1. introduction

    2. practicing yoga in each moment

    3. wholeheartedness and yoga service

    4. are you a prisoner of your judgments?

    5. the heart of non-attachment

    6. going within reflection

    1. introduction

    2. three yoga service journeys

    3. your future yoga service self

    4. what we would tell our younger selves

    1. congratulations!

    1. links to websites, articles, videos, podcasts and more

    2. yoga research

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